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Investigation of a Modified Flux-Coupling-Type SFCL for Low-Voltage Ride-Through Fulfillment of a Virtual Synchronous Generator

High power density technologies for large generators and motors for marine applications with focus on electrical insulation challenges

An Innovative Wind Project on the Development of HTS Magnet, Test Facility, Offshore Floating System, and Network Connection Technologies for 10 MW Class Wind Power System Fully Sponsored by KEPCO

Analysis and Design of a High Performance Linear Generator With High Grade Magnetic Cores and High Temperature Superconducting Coils for Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion

Technology Collaboration Programme on High-Temperature Superconductivity (HTS): HTS Applications and the Need for International Standardization Activity

Analysis of Transient Stability of Superconductor Synchronous Generator at the Presence of Fault Current Superconductor Limiter

Transient stability improvement of doubly fed induction generator based variable speed wind generator using DC resistive fault current limiter

A developed control strategy for mitigating wind power generation transients using superconducting magnetic energy storage with reactive power support

Comparison Between Different Design Topologies for Multi-Megawatt Direct Drive Wind Generators Using Improved Second Generation High Temperature Superconductors

A novel transient rotor current control scheme of a doubly-fed induction generator equipped with superconducting magnetic energy storage for voltage and frequency support

Evaluation of Warm and Cold Shaft Designs for Large Multi-megawatt Direct Drive Offshore Superconducting Wind Generators

Life-Cycle Assessment Comparison Between 15-MW Second-Generation High-Temperature Superconductor and Permanent-Magnet Direct-Drive Synchronous Generators for Offshore Wind Energy Applications

Comparison among series compensators for transient stability enhancement of doubly fed induction generator based variable speed wind turbines

High-Frequency Magnetic-Link Medium-Voltage Converter for Superconducting Generator-Based High-Power Density Wind Generation Systems

Improving Low-Voltage Ride-Through Performance and Alleviating Power Fluctuation of DFIG Wind Turbine in DC Microgrid by Optimal SMES With Fault Current Limiting Function

Application of SMES Unit to Improve DFIG Power Dispatch and Dynamic Performance During Intermittent Misfire and Fire-Through Faults

Stochastic Method for the Operation of a Power System With Wind Generators and Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storages (SMESs)

Design and test of a simplified and reliable cryogenic system for high speed superconducting generator applications

Dual armature motor/generator with flux cbetween dual armatures and a superconducting field coil

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